Man sentenced to 32 years for child’s death

A man was sentenced to 32 years in prison in connection with four-year-old Samauri Jenkins’ death. Jerome Lewis, 50, was sentenced Feb. 23 after he was found guilty of first-degree murder with aggravating circumstances, second-degree murder, and first-degree cruelty to children on Oct. 25, 2017. The case against Lewis went to trial twice due to […]

Officer involved in car chase testifies in 2015 homicide trial

A Metropolitan Police Department officer testified Feb. 22 to pursuing a vehicle that crashed and led to the arrest of Steven Pugh and Maricco Knight for the alleged shooting death of Marcellus Green. Pugh and Knight were allegedly inside the vehicle that police identified as being involved in a drive-by shooting on the 3200 block […]

Defendant’s sister claims murder victim was abusive

The sister of one of the defendants, in a 2015 murder trial, claimed Feb. 22 that 38-year-old Marcus Manor was abusive and stole from her during the months leading up to his death. According to Kevin Chase’s sister, she and Manor had a rocky relationship from April 2015 until he was fatally shot on Oct. […]

Officer says Knight lied to police about seeing murder suspect

The prosecution in a murder trial questioned a Metropolitan Police Department officer Feb. 21 to show that Maricco Knight, who is charged with being an accessory to murder while armed, lied to officers when he claimed that he had not seen murder suspect Dominique Williams for about a month. Knight told officers, who forced their […]

Neighbor’s credibility questioned during 2015 murder trial

During a 2015 murder trial, the prosecution questioned Feb. 21 the validity of a neighbor’s testimony. The neighbor’s testimony included inaccuracies that varied from statements she made during a grand jury trial. According to the neighbor, she didn’t know what floor Kevin Chase, who is currently charged with first-degree murder while armed, lived on. She […]

Girlfriend testifies to lending murder suspect her car

The girlfriend of Steven Pugh, who signed a plea deal in connection with the alleged fatal shooting of Marcellus Green, testified Feb. 20 to lending her 2008 Honda Accord, the vehicle used in a drive-by shooting on Sept. 19, 2015, to Pugh. According to the prosecution, the shooting that Pugh participated in, allegedly with Dominique […]

Defense questions lead detective’s investigation of 2016 homicide

A Metropolitan Police Department detective was questioned Feb. 20 about procedures he used for investigating a fatal stabbing on April 23, 2016, that led to the arrest of the wrong suspect. Even though Christian Romero, 24, has been charged with second-degree murder while armed for the alleged homicide of Dimas Fuentes-Lazo, Francisco Ayala, 24, who […]